Tell the FDA: Toxic chemicals shouldn’t be in our food.

Who We Are

We’re demanding #ToxicFreeFoodFDA

We are an alliance of organizations representing millions of consumers, scientists, medical experts, parents, farmers, and everyday Americans concerned about the health impacts of toxic chemicals in food. Together, we’re demanding that FDA follow the law and use the latest science to make our food safer.

Supporting Organizations

Getting toxic chemicals out of our food.

Toxic chemicals contaminate many foods we eat. These chemicals are linked to serious health effects, including developmental problems and cancer. Together, we are urging the FDA to follow the latest science and keep these toxic chemicals out of the food that American families eat every day.

Asking the FDA to do their job.

Federal law requires the FDA to make decisions about food safety — but the FDA has left too many of these critical decisions up to big food and chemical companies. Time and time again, chemical companies have put profit before health. Our alliance is demanding that the FDA follow the law, update its rules, and make food safety decisions based on the latest science.